[eDebate] Gotham Debate Results

Claire McKinney clairecmckinney
Mon Nov 20 11:31:10 CST 2006

Thanks to all who made it out. We appreciated all the support and help, and 
you made the first tournamnet held in NYC in a while a complete success. 
Special thanks go to Neil Berch for helping with tab quandries, the Baruch 
Squad, the select NYU and CUNY debaters who showed up to lend a hand, and to 
Shantrice King and Delmar Dualeh, two sophomore high school debaters from 
the NYUDL who were an amazing help.



1) Mandy Frank Vermont FW
2) Claire Min Cornell SM
3) Tyler Solloway Cornell SM
4) Morgan Gray Rochester OG
5) Matthew Capoccia Army CC
6) Patrick Willis New York University CL
7) Nima Mohebbi West Virginia MR
8) Josid Rodolfo Vermont BR
9) Derick Jerke Army GJ
10) Danielle Bauman Vermont BR


1) Dan Weiser Binghamton LW
2) Jeremy Levine Binghamton LW
3) Sebastian Rodriguez Binghamton CR
4) Samantha Godbey West Virginia GS
5) Corey Casbarro Binghamton CR
6) Kayden Skinner West Virginia GS
7) Ryan Bach Rochester BW
8) Ting Ting Tam Binghamton TW
9) Tansy Woan Binghamton TW
10) Adam Jackson Towson JB


1) Shane Avidan Dartmouth AB
2) Ben Crossan SUNY Buffalo CE
3) Buddy Khan Rochester CK
4) Ben Wittwer Rochester MW
5) Sarah Wukoson Dartmouth CW
6) Caroline Brandt Dartmouth AB
7) Alec Wright New York University HW
8) Barbara Ondruskova Towson AO
9) Steven Warner Army QW
10) Brittney Carter Rochester CK



Cornell SM advances over Cornell CZ
Army GJ Defeats Cornell DK 2-1 Berch, Tarsi, Miller*
Army CC defeats Rochester MM 3-0 Stanescu, Langone, Keeton
Vermont BR Defeats Rochester OG 2-1 Websterm Turner, Sheiffer*
Vermont KM defeats West Virginia MR 2-1 Lai* Johnson Naik
Rochester DI defeats Western Connecticut LS 3-0 Wilson, Diggs, Scrocca
Rochester BC defeats Western Connecticut FM 3-0
Vermont FW advances over Vermont CS


Vermont FW defeats Cornell SM 2-1 Johsnon, Sondey, Baxter-Kauf M*
Army GJ defeats Rochester BC 3-0 Rogers, Turner, Slusher
Army CC defeats Rochester DI 3-0 Berch, Lockwood, Varghese
Vemront BR advances over Vermont KM


Vermont FW advances over Vermont BR
Army GJ advances over Army CC


Army GJ defeats Vermont FW 2-1 Baxter Kauf M, Baxter Kauf K Johnson*



Binghamton LW advances without debating
Bringamton CR advances without debating
Army RL advances without debating
Army MN advances without debating
Vest Vriginia GS advances without debating
Vermont JL defeats West Virginia HR 2-1Stiffney* Arnett Martin
Towson JB defeats West Virginia OZ 2-1 Slusher Adarkwa* Baxter-Kauf M
Rochester BW defeats Binghamton TW 3-0 Hines McDanial Wilcox


Rochester BW defeats Binghamton LW 2-1 Bittner, Keeton*, McDanial
Binghamton CR defeats Towson JB 2-1 Boggs, Miller, Cherian*
Vermont JL defeats Army RL 2-1 Gartman*, Wilcox, Stanescu
Army MN defeats West Virginia GS 2-1 Adarkwa*, Tarsi, Moldonado


Rochester BW defeats Army MN 2-1 Slusher Gartman* Varghese
Binghamton CR defeats Vermont JL 3-0 Webster Scroccs Miller


Binghamton CR defeats Rochester BW 3-0 Mckinner, Webster, Keeton



Rochester CK advances without debating
Rochester MW advances without debating
Dartmouth CW advances over Dartmouth AB
SUNY Buffalo CE defeats NYU HW 2-1 Bittner, Maritato, Varghese*


Rochester CK advances over SUNY Buffalo CE
Dartmouth CW defeats Rochester MW 3-0 Lai, Diggs, Langone


Rochester CK defeats Darmouth CW 2-1 Hines Lockwood* Stanescu

That's it. Have a great week.

Claire McKinney

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