[eDebate] Update on Paul Robeson Debates (Towson Dec 2-3)

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Nov 21 15:58:22 CST 2006

Hello, Just a brief update before the break

1)We have less debateresults entries than verbal commitments. There is a
host of reasons to speculate about why that is but ill save that.
Hopkins, Temple/BCD, Marist, Purchase, CUNY, Buffalo have all at least given
a verbal indication that they are coming.We would love more folks to sign

2)We will likely have a varsity and a novice division again, though if a jv
division makes we will do that too.Our novice divison is welcome to rookies
and experienced folks, but was mostly rookies last time

3) We really could use as much judging as we can get AND Vans have 15
seats...Fill the van with judges....tell them you are going to pick
Christmas trees or tell them you are going to the ice capades, tell them
something to get them in the van...

4) Our entry fees are still very low and for what you pay you get snacks and
coffee all day, and at least the last few times several meals, plus
reasonably good awards...

5)Need Hotels? Contact eskinner at towson.edu

6)Baltimore is on Average 12 degrees warmer than Cleveland in December.
Thats a big difference when its a difference between 50 and 38. Oh and are
less close to big lakes that will make that feel more like 20 degrees.
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