[eDebate] nw ceda champs, join us!

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Sat Nov 25 22:23:51 CST 2006

hey all

there are ZERO entry fees for teams outside of washington and oregon and we will feed you throughout (breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts) and provide free transportation throughout.

join us march 3-5 (sat-mon) for a 20+ year tradition of excellence, hospitality, and community building tournament.

the senior roast is a highlight.

i promise two special events at the tournament (last year we had an acapello singing group and free back massages).

no round starts before 9:30am. finally, get some sleep at a tournament!

all rounds occur in one building and it is a nice one.

student and coach's parties.

we have commitments from pepperdine, weber, florida, emporia state, denver, western connecticut, whitman, gonzaga, ups, southwestern, and several others showing strong interest.

if you have any questions, even requests that would make the difference in your joining us--just ask.

invitation is at:

jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu
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