[eDebate] 2nd VP Report/NCA

Darren Elliott delliott
Mon Nov 27 20:08:24 CST 2006

NCA CEDA 2nd VP Report:


It is my pleasure to be serving the organization and the community as your 2nd Vice-President.  One year ago when I announced my candidacy there were a number of initiatives I said I would dedicate my time to.  A number of those are under way.  Many more will begin and I will be soliciting the help of great people in the community to make the community of debate an even better one. 

A number of people need to be mentioned for the work they are doing.
I would like to note the efforts being undertaken by ML Sandoz, Sue Peterson and Kristen Tudor in terms of Mentoring and congratulate them on their work at NCA.

I would like to note the efforts being undertaken by Mike Davis and his work on Recruitment and Retention and congratulate him on his work.  The work done by Kathryn Rubino on the CEDA logo is also impressive.

I would like to note the work Jeff Jarman has done on taking over the CEDA website as the Executive Secretary and thank him for his work.  We should also thank TC Winebrenner for his previous work on the website.  Visit cedadebate.org to see all Jeff has done.

I would like to note the amazing work Kelly McDonald has done as Treasurer.  I think many people have no idea the amount of work Kelly has done and I think our organization is in great shape financially because of Kelly?s work.  

And of course Dave is doing a great job with CEDA Nationals in 2007 and in his role as President and Joe Patrice as 1st VP is doing a great job on missions concerning his tasks including but not limited to his work on CEDA amendments.

NCA?I want to think Eric Morris and let the membership know that he will continue to serve as the NCA point person.  He and Dave and I attended the planning meeting at NCA and I am excited Eric will be continuing this position.  One thing I would like to see is more time set aside for the EC mtgs and the Business Meeting at NCA.  Time slots similar to AFA is something I think we should work towards.

CEDA Nats 2009?Short of coming up with the commitment to do CEDA Nats on a Cruise Ship I am accepting bids for CEDA Nats 2009.  A discussion at NCA with Beth Skinner indicates Towson is in the loop and interested in hosting.  Additionally The University of Baltimore is interested in hosting the NDT potentially in the future.  So for those of you on that committee for the NDT, please share that information.  It is my plan to work closely with the NDT selection committee for 2009.


Borrowing from the AFA, I would like to see a comprehensive undertaking of the CEDA archives. 
1) Specifically I would like us to take submissions for an Oral History project.  This can be anything people want to contribute.
2) I would like us to initiate a Presidential Oral History project with each past CEDA President contributing a video tape to CEDA describing what occurred during their Presidency.  

Moving Forward:

Now comes the part where I think we need to be an organization that is proactive and forward thinking.  We need to be more than a points calculating body with eligibility rules.  We may need to rethink, revisit, and determine our mission.

Regional Reps need to be encouraged to attend all 3 CEDA Business Meetings (Summer, NCA, CEDA Nats) and if they cannot attend hopefully they can find a proxy suitable to the Region.  We need to encourage Regional Reps that will serve and see their position as more than a C.V. line.
--Mike Davis noted that listing those reps in the conference book would help.  This is a good idea and I will talk to Ermo about it.  
--ML suggested that the Regional Reps responsibilities be listed on the website.  I am sure Jeff can make this happen quickly.

I think the organization needs to consider a research project on MPJ.  Specifically I would like to see a Constitutional Amendment where CEDA only sanctions those tournaments where MPJ if used, is used in every division offered at the tournament.  At some point we need to determine what pedagogical practices we want to endorse when the civilizations of competition and education collide.  I will be proposing such an amendment at CEDA Nats in 2007.  

I think CEDA needs to force a dialogue about the Calendar and scheduling and tournament sanctioning.  I know there is a potential amendment to the Constitution in the works regarding sanctioning Regional Tournaments 3 weekends a month and only 1 National Tournament a month.  Again it is time we act like an organization dedicated to both the pedagogical and competitive practices.  Whether an amendment or not comes to the body, this discussion is long overdue and I think the organization has a responsibility to the membership to help move the discussion forward.

I am looking forward to the next 3 years.  If there is anything I can do please let me know.


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC

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