[eDebate] 2007 NDT Hotel Rooms Available All Week

Stefan Bauschard SBauschard
Mon Nov 27 20:45:45 CST 2006

Since CEDA is ending on Sunday, I have made arrangements with the Westin to honor the contracted NDT rate ($99) starting Monday. 

Given that these rooms are  not part of our contract, I've asked them to hold them only until the end of January.  The Westin is usually sold out during the week, so please make arrangements by the end of January if you want the rooms early in the week.

If you do book some rooms for early in the week and find that those rooms are already taken, let me know and I'll see if I can get some more rooms on those days.

You can book through 2007ndt.org

If you have any special requests (want work space on Tuesday/Wednesday) etc, please contact paul.ruby at westin.com   As a preempt, all "work space' is being used to run the tournament on Friday-Sunday.


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