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Below is a copy of the University of Denver Tournament Invitation.


University of Denver Debate Policy Debate Tournament
January 27-28, 2006

Dear Debate Coach:

The University of Denver Debate Team invites you to attend the first ever 
University of Denver Policy Debate Tournament.  First, we are sorry for the 
lateness of this invitation and relevant tournament information.  We are 
struggling with the logistics of our first tournament experience.  However, 
do not let that be a deterrent.  We are looking foreword to hosting a fun 
and exciting tournament here in Denver.


Brian Schrader
Director of Debate
University of Denver
cell- (303) 601-5120
Bschrade at du.edu


DIVISIONS: For this tournament we will have only an open division.  If there 
is sufficient interest we will host a novice division and/or a novice 
workshop.   Time limits for the tournament are 9-3-6 with 10 min prep. We 
will adhere to the CEDA guidelines for eligibility in each division.

TOPIC: The 2006-2007 Court topic will be used in each division.

ENTRIES: No limit on number of entries per school so long as an appropriate 
number of judges are provided. We will not be using the Bruschke system; 
instead entries should be e-mailed directly to Brian Schrader 
(bschrade at du.edu).  Entries must be received no later than Monday, January 

FEES: Each debate team will be charged $75.  The charge for an uncovered 
debate team will be $135 (including the entry fee- not in addition to entry 
the fee).  It is unlikely that we will have a lot of extra judges for hire, 
so please do your best to cover all of your teams.  The fees are used to pay 
for tournament expenses, meals, and awards. Judging fees go directly to 
those hired.

DEBATES: Each team will debate affirmative and negative three times. There 
will be an appropriate number of elimination debates in each division. 
Criteria for qualifying are (1) win-loss record, (2) total speaker points 
(3) adjusted speaker points. Brackets will NOT be broken in the elimination 

JUDGING:  Each school is expected to provide one qualified judge for each 2 
debate teams or portion thereof.  All judges must be available to judge one 
round after his/her teams have been eliminated.

REGISTRATION: Debate registration begins at 7:30am Saturday, January 27, in 
Sturm Hall and will run until 8:30 am at which time pairings should be 
available for round one.

LODGING: There are a number of Hotels very near the DU campus.  There will 
be no official tournament hotel since all of the rounds including out rounds 
will be at the university.  Here are some hotel listings that I found 
online.  You may be able to find better deals etc. but this will get you 

Fairfield Inn
1680 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO
(303) 691-2223
5-10 min from campus.
$80-$90 per night

La Quinta: Cherry Creek
1975 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO
(303) 758-8886
5-10 min from campus.
$80-$90 per night

Rockies Inn
4760 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO
(303) 757-7601
5 min from campus.
$40-$50 per night

DIRECTIONS: The University of Denver is located on South University Blvd. 
and East Evans Ave.  The address for Strum Hall, where most of the 
tournament will be held, is 2000 Asbury Ave Denver, CO 80208, and is located 
on the south east corner of Asbury Ave and Race St.  Email Brian for 
complete directions.

PARKING: The majority of parking on the DU campus is pay parking for a 
couple of dollars an hour.  For those who are not faint of heart, there is 
free parking to be found, but hunting it out can be a challenge.  I hope to 
secure free parking for everyone in attendance, but I am still negotiating 
with the powers that be.  There is free city parking about five blocks out 
from campus, so worst case scenario, people can be dropped off on the campus 
and then cars can be parked off campus.  But, the good news is that the main 
building is equipped with an elevator so that makes it even right?


University of Denver Policy Debate Tournament
January 27-28, 2006

Saturday, January 27

7:30am- 8:30am Registration
8:30am Release of Round I pairings
9:00 Round I
11:30 Round II
1:45pm LUNCH
3:00pm Round III
5:30pm Round IV

Sunday, January 28

9:00am Round V
11:30am Round VI
1:45 Awards/Lunch (provided by tournament)
3:00 First Elimination Round
5:30 Second Elimination Round
8:00 Third Elimination Round (if necessary)

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