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Matt Moore matt_moore85
Tue Nov 28 15:29:11 CST 2006



Dear Colleagues:



The members of the Augustana Debate Union would like to
invite you and your teams to attend a tournament hosted by Augustana
 College, January 26-January 28, 2007.  The tournament will offer six rounds of
competition in open,  junior varsity and
novice divisions and an appropriate number of elimination  rounds. Novice and junior varsity eligibility
will be determined by the standards set by the Cross Examination Debate
Association. Swing teams will be eligible to participate in elimination rounds.
Augustana will be entering several of its own teams in each division in order
to make sure that there 

is an even number. The tournament also agrees to comply with
CEDA?s Statement on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination and the Statement of
Ethical Principles. We will try to clear half of the teams in each division
unless circumstances make such a move imprudent. We will break brackets in
elimination rounds.


All divisions will follow a 9-3-6 format with ten minutes of prep



Registration will be from 2:30-3:30
on January 26th at the Debate Office, 19 Old Main. The
fees for the tournament are $70.00 per team. 
We plan on using the Bruschke website for tournament entry, so please
enter your teams via that system.  If you
have any entry problems, please email Matt Moore at MatthewMoore at
augustana.edu. You can also reach Matt at 800-798-8100 ext. 7349.


The Quad Cities is not blessed with a large pool of hired
judges in the area (Read: zero).  PLEASE,
PLEASE, PLEASE if you need hired judging, work this out in advance, do not
assume there will be enough judges for your teams.  Honestly, you don?t want us to bring Snowball
out of retirement.  If you do need to
hire, A LIMITED NUMBER of hired judges may be available at $150.00 per six
rounds (or $75 per three rounds) hired, but we cannot guarantee there will be
enough. Also, teams providing judges will be expected to provide judges for the
divisions they are competing in. So if you have 3 teams in open, you need to
cover 9 rounds of judging in open. If you need to hire judging for the
tournament, please let us know by January
 20, 2007 so we will have time to find judges.


The tournament, will offer snacks on Friday and lunch on
Saturday, as well as assorted snacks throughout and a continental breakfast on
Saturday and Sunday. Please let us know if you have any vegetarians or vegans
in your group when you enter the tournament.


This year we will be using the Moline,
 IL La Quinta Inn as
the Tournament Hotel. The hotel has free wireless internet. All early morning
pairings and hospitality will be there. The hotel information is:

5450 27th St.
Moline, IL 61265
Phone: (309)762-9008
Fax: (309)762-2455


We do not have an official block at the tournament hotel.
Everywhere we tried to set up a block, the rates were higher than if we just
had people book rooms for themselves. The best way to reserve your rooms is
through the La Quinta website. There you can get a standard room for $55 a
night. You can reserve your rooms at this site:



Other hotels near the tournament hotel include:


Best Western Airport Inn (tournament hotel last year)

2550 52nd Ave, Moline,

(309) 762-9191


Comfort Inn of Moline

2600 52nd Ave., Moline,

(309) 762-7000


Holiday Inn of Moline

6910 27th St, Moline,

(309) 762-8811


Motel 6

2359 69th Ave, Moline,

(309) 764-8711



We look forward to seeing you on campus. If there's any way
we can help,  please feel free to contact
me at 800-798-8100, ext. 7717 or via email at DanielFitzmier at augustana.edu.


Dan Fitzmier & Matt Moore,


Director of Debate &
Assistant Director of Debate

Augustana College





Friday, January 26


Registration, Old Main 19


5:00-7:00 Round


7:00-9:00 Round




Saturday, January 27

8:30 AM Pairings and Breakfast, Old Main


9:00-11:00 Round


11:00-1:00 Round


1:00-2:00 Lunch


2:00-4:00 Round


4:30-6:30 Round



Sunday, January 28


8:00 AM Breakfast and Pairings, Old Main


8:30-10:30 First


11:00-11:30 Awards


12:00- Elims continue



 January 23, 2007.

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