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David Glass gacggc
Wed Nov 1 13:26:19 CST 2006

it was Donald  Rumsfeld, testifying to the 9/11 Commission

"I used to think one of the most powerful individuals in America was the
person who could select the annual high school debate topic. Think of the
power -- to set the agenda, and determine what millions of high school
students will study, read about, think about, talk about with friends,
discuss with their teachers, and debate with their parents and siblings over

Your Commission has similar power. You have the opportunity to focus the
attention of the nation on critical questions ? the issues we need to think
about, debate, and discuss. You have an opportunity to elevate the debate
above partisan interests, to lift people's eyes up and out to the horizon,
to help point a way ahead. "


On 11/1/06, Tara Tate <tara_l_tate at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I am getting ready to finish up an article on the high school topic
> selection process.  I vaguely remember reading a quote from someone (I
> want
> to say it was a Republican strategist or politician) that argued the most
> influential person in America was the one that decided the high school
> debate topic since it encouraged future leaders to develop positions on
> important issues.
> I know so little about this quote that I can't even remember key words or
> who said it?  Anybody know? I tried Googling some vague key words but
> could
> not find it.
> Thanks!
> Tara Tate
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