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Wed Nov 1 20:28:15 CST 2006

I forgot to attach the list before. It is below. Questions should be  
addressed to Mary at _mosleyme at jmu.edu_ (mailto:mosleyme at jmu.edu) 
Don?t forget that the soldiers are mobile so try and find smaller  packaging 
if possible! Thanks again! 
Bath and body Works lotions and body  wash 
Foot scrubs 
nail ploish( clear or natural colors) 
shampoo and conditioners(i.e. pantene,garnier fructice,dove,  Aussie) 
Sports bras (34B's) 
Johnson and johnson baby lotion, body gel, baby  oil. 
cocoa butter 
Twin bed sheets 
white socks ? She didn?t list what sizes so I?m assuming small to  XL? 
bath towels 
shaving cream gel 
pearl tampons 
always maxi pads 
hair brushes 
note pads 
boxers  (medium, large,  xtra-large) 
panties (small, medium) 
used/new dvds 
snacks ? healthy stuff like granola bars or protein bars, also some  yummies 
like combos, M & M?s, chocolate chip cookies, beef  jerky! 
febreze air freshner 
room fresheners 
swiffer wipes 
facial moisturizers 
sun screen 45-50 spf 
white t-shirts ? sizes small to XL 
board games and playing cards  
cereal(fruit loops, cap n crunch, frosted  flakes 
cross word puzzles 
chai tea, flavored tea 
candles scented 
tooth brush 
tooth paste 
alarm clocks 
christmas tree (Small) 
hair clips 
after shave 
deodorant( mitchum, degree,  secret,suave) 
foot powder 
shaving razors and refills 
nair/cream hair remover 
panty liners 
books by: stephen king, E. Lynn Harris, jackie  Collins 
model cars, air planes 
oprah's book collection 
chap stick 
Thanksgiving decorations 
Stockings and supplies to decorate them  (30) 
Stationary for writing letters 
Blank cards 
Football, Frisbee, etc. 
Cashews, peanuts, sunflower seeds etc. 
Drinks that can be mixed with water, i.e. Crystal Light lemonade,  Tang, etc.
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