[eDebate] fyi: policy debate in the press

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Nov 3 00:15:14 CST 2006

This story is not so good. I mean it is for edgemont, but common mother
jones you can do better than this...and how come mother jones a publication
known for its connection to progressive struggles so focused on style and
sub culture and so dismissive of all politics. And how come they are
sooooooo excited about the fromer debaters thats have contributed to the
powers they (often) work against. I wish i could say it was atypical, but
its like every debate story ever written...you know what i would like to see
is a debate story where the non counter cultural referents(brad pitt, oprah,
ted turner, congress, potus)   are a) people of color (i know oprah is
black) and b) contributing to progressive betterment of peoples lives using
the political and advocacy skills they learned in debate. But its always
this president or this corporate executive or this lawyer or f'in Karl
Rove...So lets do the mother jones piece better than they and perhaps
generate that list of progressive social actors who have come from amongst
our ranks...the challenge of course will be naming the ones who have not
done so through a) supreme court law or b) mainstream political
action.Imnot saying state bad judge, you shouldn't work through it or
the law
either...lets name those people as well, but  can we counter karl rove with
a progressive or radical example?
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