[eDebate] fyi: policy debate in the press

Kris Willis kristopherwillis
Fri Nov 3 08:07:36 CST 2006

I say we beg Josh Martin and Company to bring back the "Low Point Win" 
Website at the very least!
I mean, they were truly progressive and would have done some justice with 
this article! (;

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>I agree.  In fact, the fact that Rove was the intro (and the anecdotes were
>hardly original) made it a particularly bad piece.  The author seemed not 
>want to be writing it after a while too.  We can certainly do better--I'd
>love to be part of some organic debate press if anyone else is interested.
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> >
> >This story is not so good. I mean it is for edgemont, but common mother
> >jones you can do better than this...and how come mother jones a 
> >known for its connection to progressive struggles so focused on style and
> >sub culture and so dismissive of all politics. And how come they are
> >sooooooo excited about the fromer debaters thats have contributed to the
> >powers they (often) work against. I wish i could say it was atypical, but
> >its like every debate story ever written...you know what i would like to
> >see
> >is a debate story where the non counter cultural referents(brad pitt,
> >oprah,
> >ted turner, congress, potus)   are a) people of color (i know oprah is
> >black) and b) contributing to progressive betterment of peoples lives 
> >the political and advocacy skills they learned in debate. But its always
> >this president or this corporate executive or this lawyer or f'in Karl
> >Rove...So lets do the mother jones piece better than they and perhaps
> >generate that list of progressive social actors who have come from 
> >our ranks...the challenge of course will be naming the ones who have not
> >done so through a) supreme court law or b) mainstream political
> >action.Imnot saying state bad judge, you shouldn't work through it or
> >the law
> >either...lets name those people as well, but  can we counter karl rove 
> >a progressive or radical example?
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