[eDebate] Pre-Shirley Disclosure Reminder

Jean-Paul Lacy lacyjp
Thu Nov 9 12:59:58 CST 2006

Biggest lesson from this experiment: A wiki isn't magic. We do have better 
information than before from people's opponents, but we don't have as much 
primary self-disclosure as we've had in the past. We need more 
participation to scout The Shirley as well as we can.

If you're planning to debate at The Shirley & haven't submitted your 
disclosure, you need to do so ASAP. Participation is a condition of entry 
in the tournament.

The Pre-Shirley list is up (including all submissions received by the 
Tuesday deadline) at opencaselist.wikispaces.com. We're later than 
expected. This "new literacy" is tough when you're struggling with basic 
literacy like me. If you submitted information after the deadline, (and 
you've received confirmation that we got it,) we'll post it as soon as we can.

Some very cool stuff mas been submitted: Matt Moore has video of Emory HH. 
He's in the process of linking more video. Wayne MT's Quirin disclosure 
includes the powerpoint images they display. Both are proof of concept that 
you don't need a traditional outline to disclose. We'll take submissions of 
any sort as long as they are of reasonable size & meet wikispaces terms: 

There are 2 ways to submit: 1. Join the wiki & post the information 
yourself (submission of information about other teams is strongly 
encouraged. -- click the 'join" link or email me to do so) 2. Email me your 
submissions. #2 Is slower and undercuts the the values of the 
decentralized, collaborative model.  If you see inadequacies or errors, the 
fastest way to fix them is to sign up and edit the wiki. We need as many 
members as possible for the future success of this experiment, so sign up!

I don't really want to, but if participation isn't good enough by tonight, 
I'll post a list of teams who haven't disclosed.


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