[eDebate] Open Heart Announcement

Harris, Scott L sharris
Sat Nov 11 15:12:27 CST 2006

We will have an invitation coming out soon but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the experiment that would be conducted at the 2007 Heart of America debate tournament.
This year the open division will be truly an open division.  We encourage people who have used up their official eligibility to enter the tournament as well as teams with eligibility.  Hybrid teams are welcomed (and by hybrid we mean pairing debaters from different schools as well as debaters from different generations).  We would like to have a tournament where new school meets old school.  A number of people over the last year have expressed interest in debating at such a tournament.  This year's legal topic provides the perfect opportunity for the many former debaters practicing law to return to debate for a tournament.   
The date for the tournament will be Feb 17-19 (assuming the NDT approves Fritch's proposed dates for NDT districts and first rounds.
Our plan is to cut it back to a 6 round tournament to allow plenty of time for socializing in the evening and to ensure that some of our participants without the stamina they once had can survive the tournament.  
Any team that enters must supply a judge.  
Scott Harris

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