[eDebate] WVU team goes dry at tournaments

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Tue Nov 14 14:08:24 CST 2006

Clarification:  Some may interpret my earlier post to mean that I'm trying 
to save a group of raging alcoholics from itself.  Quite the opposite:  I 
actually think that our team has less of a problem in this regard than do 
many others.
--Neil Berch
West Virginia University

>From: "NEIL BERCH" <berchnorto at msn.com>
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>Subject: [eDebate] WVU team goes dry at tournaments
>Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 11:06:11 -0500
>Hi, everyone!
>For a long time, we have (of course) had a policy that prohibits illegal
>activity (including underage drinking, supplying alcohol to minors, and
>drunk driving) at tournaments.  Because that policy:
>1.  creates divisions in the team between those who are under and over 21;
>2.  detracts from the reason that the taxpayers of West Virginia subsidize
>our travel to tournaments;
>3.  I believe there is a serious problem with excessive drinking at
>tournaments and with actions that stem from that excessive drinking;
>as of now, everyone connected with WVU Debate (debaters, judges, coaches,
>even those of us who are more than twice 21 years old) is prohibited from
>consuming alcohol on debate tournament trips.  I post this to edebate for
>two reasons:
>1.  I want friends of WVU debaters and coaches (regardless of age) to know
>that they will not be drinking at tournaments, and that by encouraging them
>to drink, you will only be endangering their participation in debate;
>2.  I am curious about whether other teams have such a policy.  I'd be
>interested in hearing your thoughts either on the list or via backchannel.
>--Neil Berch
>West Virginia University
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