[eDebate] CEDA Nominations

mikedavis13 at aol.com mikedavis13
Wed Nov 15 13:10:25 CST 2006

is soliciting nominations for the following positions. Please send nominations directly to me. If you have an e-mail address for the individual that would be helpful.
Topic Committee
Second Vice President
Executive Secretary
Regional Reps:
Southeast (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida)
Northeast (Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New Jersey Vermont, 
West Virginia, New York, and Connecticut)
South Central (Louisiana and Texas)
Rocky Mountain (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Montana and El Paso, Texas)
North Central (Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska and 
Southern California (zip codes 90000-92999, Las Vegas, NV, Hawaii, Arizona)
Mike Davis
Co-Chair, CEDA Nominating Committee
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