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Doyle Srader doyle
Mon Nov 20 15:10:58 CST 2006

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This is soliciting interest in a panel for NCA 2007 in Chicago, about 
Argumentation and Nonverbal Communication. The papers should be about 
either argument expressed nonverbally, or nonverbal concomitants of 
verbal argument.

The paper I'm preparing will examine the doctor's white coat as a point 
of stasis in the argument joined between doctor and patient over the 
dispositive quality of the doctor's medical knowledge/training and the 
patient's lived experience of the health condition. It serves as an 
enthymeme, arguing for the doctor's legitimate authority in the same 
manner as the judge's robe, bench, and formally arranged courtroom; at 
the same time, it gives purchase to objections that highlight the 
limitation of medicine.

A few other possible topics that illustrate what I have in mind:

* Turn-taking and different argumentative practices: courtroom oral 
argument vs. appellate oral argument, etc.
* Argumentative "tempo": Response latency, quick-turnaround, the "war 
room" phenomenon in political argument, understood as chronemics.
* Appearance and movement in "judged" sports (figure skating, 
gymnastics, pet shows, dressage) as argument
* Candidates' nonverbals at campaign debates
* Nonverbal behavior as evidence: in trial testimony, in political 
campaigns, in advertisements, etc.
* Architectural/urban "makeovers" as argument; Olympic bids, campus 
building campaigns, etc.

Or if you've got an interesting new take on visual argument, that would 
be welcome too.

If you have a project like this in the works, and are interested in 
being included in this panel submission, contact me sometime before 


Doyle Srader, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Communication Studies
Stephen F. Austin State University

Ezekiel 36:26-27

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