[eDebate] discussion: judge commitments at tournaments

Martin Harris mharris02
Tue Nov 21 10:19:50 CST 2006

   I can't figure out how to say this without being blunt, so please
accept my sincere apologies if this comes off as indignant or rude.
Different coaches have different commitments to their employers, who are
first and foremost, the schools they work for. Some are just coaches
with no teaching load, no research requirements, no service
expectations. They cut cards, strategize, and can sleep for two days
after tournaments to recover. Some can take the pressure and long hours
better than others, and don't need to recover from the abuse at all.
Some teach classes, go to conferences, serve on committees, and still
have to do all the rest of that stuff. If those people need to ask the
community to accept a 0 or 2 round committment to judge instead of 4 or
8 so they can manage their lives effectively, I think the community
should respect that. I think it should be up to each individual to
figure out how to work out the terms of committment they can give to the
community, and what their participation level is. If the community
demand for judge perfection has reached the point that it now thinks it
can demand that people that are more preferred than others have an
obligation to the community to judge more rounds than others, I think
MPJ is broken. People need to learn to pref a little less, and accept a
little more. 



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