[eDebate] MPJ and Comments

Sarah Snider sjsnider
Tue Nov 21 13:32:51 CST 2006

As someone who seems to have fallen out of graces in the last 3-4
years as a "preferred" judge and who is also a representative of an
"underrepresented minority", the proposal that Jim is advancing will
mean that I will almost never judge a debate.

I have been struggling with this for almost a year now, as my focus
has returned to the college debate circuit after a hiatus in UDL land,
I was shocked last year to find that I didn't fill my commitments at
many tournaments last year, including my own district tournament.

At least twice last year, I went to bed early the night before
outrounds because I knew I'd be on a strike card the following morning
only to wake up early, refreshed and ready to judge to find that I had
been struck in favor of someone who partied all night long and in one
instance literally stumbled to judge a debate complaining about how
wasted they were.

It does not make me happy not to judge, I want to be a good debate
coach and I think that means judging debates. I am sick of people
telling me that being unpreferred means I get more rounds off. Quite
honestly, I don't come to the debate tournament to get wasted (I'm not
21 anymore), I come to coach my teams, hopefully judge and hopefully
become a better judge and debater, maybe some reasonable amount of
socializing fits in there, but it certainly shouldn't come before
judging obligations.

This year, I am trying to work harder as a critic, I think I am making
progress and am actually filling commitments at tournaments, I think
its getting better, but as of yet I haven't been in the pool at a
"national" tournament so, I really don't know where I stand.

I would like to think it is possible for me to work harder, to become
a "better" judge (whatever that means), but if we just made a list of
who the "preferred" judges were and made all of those people judge
more, there would be virtually no place for someone like me in the
judging community and it would be near impossible for me to return to
the ranks of "preferred".

Better yet, lets just publish a list of all the people who are not
preferred and tell them to stay home, then all those top tier teams
would never be stuck with someone like me who wants to try hard to
adjudicate their debate.

Just some thoughts,

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