[eDebate] MPJ and Comments

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Tue Nov 21 14:15:32 CST 2006


I am not emphatically pro-MPJ and debated primarily at a time of NO MPJ.
Some of what is being said here is just wrong however,

> But, unfortuantely, the same forces that merged NDT and CEDA--to the
> demise of many regional debate programs, control the major tournmaments,
> and
> the judging assignments. Its a self-perpetuating cycle that sucks. Policy
> debate is becoming more obscure, more exclusionary and more elitist with
> every
> passing year. And, I do not think it is a good thing.

This is clealy a set of reactionary and false statements:

First, the "forces" that "merged" NDT and CEDA were not dark and in the
shadows....The NDT community voted to debate the same topic...That was
it.....Not in the dark...not through a cabal.  They voted.  In the old days,
debaters believed in making a claim and PROVING it not making insinuations
and pretending they serve as argument.

Second, MPJ was on the rise in CEDA well in advance of the merger.  It was
supported by the majority of the membership and still is.  Tim Mahoney did a
massive amount of work on pushing it prior to the merger even being a
glimmer in anyones eye.

Third, the NDT and CEDA do not control any tournament BUT the National
Tournament for each organization.  The NDT board does not vote on if Harvard
or Wake has MPJ.  That is a decision of the host.  If enough people decided
MPJ was bad and either a) lobbied those tournaments to change or b) voted
with their feet and didnt attend tournaments that were MPJ there might be
change in that direction.

Fourth, MPJ at national tournaments is probably a good idea.  Having many
times had to try to escape the triples/doubles mine field at CEDA nationals
in thos good old days of 300 judges many of whom you had never seen
before...Let me tell you that I sure dont want debaters today to have to
lose their last debate EVER in front of someone they have NEVER seen and
have no idea how to debate in front of.

Fifth, MPJ at the NDT or CEDA can be changed....Make a case at the business
meetings with a motion of amendment to the CEDA or NDT constitutions.  Get
the vote out.

My point is only that all of these things at the national level - the
merger, mpj, etc were something supported by the voting membership of each
organization.  In CEDA studies and polling was done (I believe by Kan
Broda-Bahm and Mahoney)..Stop making it sound like there is a secret cabal
that makes all these decisions in a cave.  Its inaccurate and does a
disservice to everyone involved.


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