[eDebate] MPJ and Comments

Jason Jarvis debatekorea
Tue Nov 21 19:17:22 CST 2006

Scott says:

"If we accept the premise that a person with a college degree and an open 
should be able to evaluate a debate round, then we should be willing to get 
of mpj. "

Scott has a point....I just wonder when this was the standard criteria for 
judging.  Seems to me that most folks do not agree with this criteria.  Even 
parliamentary debate people would disagree with this as most would argue 
that to be a good judge you have to have experience doing some judging so 
that you can learn the rules and understand the criteria for evaluating a 
debate (the international parli community is pretty strong in their feelings 
about this).

It seems to me that policy requires an even more nuanced set of standards 
and skills that are more specialized (and harder to learn) and that very few 
people would ever accept the premise that you set up above.  This skill set 
functions to the detriment of students and the community in a variety of 
ways.   For example, in Korea, one of our best judges is a professor of 
International Relations who has no debate background, but who in the course 
of a few tournaments, learned the rules/conventions and has become one of 
the most respected judges in Asia due to his impartiality, and the detail of 
his post round critiques.  His expertise in IR gives him tools to provide 
educational experiences for the debaters that would not ordinarily be 
available to students if they were only being judged by a "debate expert."

The inaccessability of policy is an obvious weakness that the activity seems 
loathe to address. . .but one that will play itself out inevitably (for 
better or worse) with or without systemic changes in the practice(s) of the 
policy community.

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