[eDebate] Thurgood Marshall Results

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Oct 1 13:37:52 CDT 2006

After 4 rounds of debate and a workshop session, we are now in the first out

In the JV finals

Towson AJ is Debating Richmond HD with a panel of Sandoz, Mader,Verney

In the Novice Break Out Semis
Navy BM is Debating Vanderbilt JH with a panel of Brooks, Hausreth, Diggs
Vanderbilt AW  and Vanderbilt AL will be a coaches decision

We recognized 3 Speakers in JV

1.Andrea Adams -Richmond
2.Jen Donahue-Richmond
3.Adam Jackson-Towson

We recognized 5 speakers in Novice
1. Lee Hoyle-Richmond
2.Pete Bose-Navy
3. Shanila Ali-Vanderbilt
4-Callie Dowdy -Richmond
5. Sara Lackner -Vanderbilt

Ill post more and the thank yous etc soon...

Baltimore College Debate Project
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