[eDebate] Come out to the Frederick Douglas Debates November 4th and 5th!!!

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Oct 1 21:04:32 CDT 2006

This weekend we had a great launch for the baltimore debate project. And we
are looking forward to the next tournament. We would love to have as many of
you as possible come out for the next tournaments and are pretty sure that
at least a few new programs will be making their debut. I know for many of
you with novices you dont know who will be attending but any indication that
you plan to come would be very helpful. We need to plan judges and see if we
can provide snacks etc, and as much lead time as we can get on that is good.

We will again offer 5 rounds of debate, in at least two divisions and
hopefully three and will offer quarters in any division that makes it that
far.If we need to add an additional outround we can.

We also will offer low entry fees, a friendly schedule, and all day coffee.

Look in this space for announcements in the next several weeks.

And please if you have any questions ask...
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