[eDebate] Looking for new coaches at baltimore philly and dc colleges

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Oct 2 12:23:57 CDT 2006


as new local tournament opportunities emerge in the mid Atlantic, it would
be great if local folks with debate experience who where looking to help out
got in touch with either campuses they are affiliated with or students they
know on campuses and get debate going. We are not looking for full time
debate coaches just somebody to help guide young debaters as they start to
debate in college or try to start their team. You might meet with them once
a week, register them for tournaments, distribute the evidence packet we
give out watch practice rounds or do what ever worked for you.

Most of this should be student driven but a helping and guiding hand can be
of great assistance. Many of you have worked with high school teams or local
college teams and it would be great if that same energy and experience could
be directed toward local colleges.

So i bet many of you know someone at a local college, get in touch and lets
get em out debating!
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