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I am posting this for Andrew. Please direct all inquiries to him at the  
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To: Michael  Davis <davismk at JMU.EDU> 

I am pleased and excited to announce that the CEDA Backfile Project will 

be officially moving forward. We now have a website from which we can 

host the project. However, this project will not be possible without 

_YOUR_ cooperation. Far too many schools to mention here have indicated 

that they are willing to contribute so please join them in helping to 

support this project. How can you submit your backfiles? I have three 

options for your convenience:

    1. Bring me one or more cds/dvds to the Kentucky or Richmond debate 

tournaments where they will be collected at registration and delivered 

to me thereafter

    2. Snail mail me one or more cds/dvds to:

       Andrew D. Barnes

       Assistant Director of Debate

       MSC 2106

       James Madison University

       Harrisonburg, VA 22807

    3. Email individual files to jmubarnes at gmail.com

What am I looking for? Anything that you are willing to share with the 

community. This can include any and all high school or collegiate camp 

files that you might have. Your donation can include your entire 

evidence set from last year or you can contribute a single argument that 

is particularly well developed and timeless. At this time it is truely 

up to you. I just ask that you and your squad contribute.

 I look forward to your contribution and to seeing you at Kentucky and 



Andrew D. Barnes

Assistant Director of Debate

James Madison University

(540) 568-1738

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