[eDebate] Non-Students, AFA etc

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Oct 3 21:15:23 CDT 2006

so from what i have read about this if i entered a student in a tournament
as a member of the "bmore debate" team, the entire afa would be informed
that i had allowed a non college studnet to particappte in a college
forensics activity, and then i as the head of the bmore debate team would
receive a letter from the afa telling me that i was bad?
i would only get in trouble if i said a student debated for morgan state if
they actually where not enrolled there...

i was for example thinking of asking the baltimore algebra project to field
a team....

i think from my reading of the afa code the second is true, and the first is
certainly ok.....

what do people think
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