[eDebate] Judging at KCKCC

Darren Elliott delliott
Thu Oct 5 09:27:24 CDT 2006

If you are bringing teams to our tournament next weekend and have not yet submitted your judge info on the Bruschke site, please do so soon.  I am needing final head count numbers for food.  I also need to know how many hired judges are needed.  I will be at Kentucky this weekend and when I return to KC the tournament will be less than 3 days away.
If you need to hire judging please let me know that as well.  We have about 12 rounds right now that can be hired out but they may go quickly.  If you are coming and want to hire out for extra rounds let me know and I will put you on the list.
Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC

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