[eDebate] The Demise of UMKC Debate...

Vega, Matthew J. vegam
Thu Oct 5 14:23:22 CDT 2006

Because of some discussions on eDebate last year, I thought that it was important that I discuss the future of UMKC Debate briefly.  Please email me if you have questions about my comments or general questions about the job that is posted.
The confluence of turmoil that was happening last year was resolved in resounding favor for the debate team with the appointment of Dean Vorst as the Dean of the College of Arts and Science.   Her appointment made it clear that UMKC would continue to support a nationally-competitive NDT/CEDA debate team.  A couple of examples that should convince you, in case you are worried about this when considering applying for the job.  First, the job itself is evidence that UMKC is looking for a coach that is tied to the university in an academic sense.  Obviously, there would be no commitment to hire someone if they were going to diminish the program.  Second, the College of A&S and the University are investing around $100k in renovating a building specifically for the Debate Team.  It is being renovated to our specifications and at our request.  Again, this is not something a university would do if it was not committed to a program.
UMKC has a great history of debate, and there is a lot here to make sure that continues.  UMKC has a growing summer camp that had over 70 students this last year.  There are established and growing scholarship opportunities for recruitment.  And, there is a vibrant connection to Debate-Kansas City, the Urban Debate League in Kansas City.  There is a lot here for an engaged Director to build upon.
Let me know if you have any questions,
Matt Vega
University of Missouri - Kansas City
vegam at umkc.edu

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