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Brian Smith Brian.Smith
Fri Oct 6 09:38:57 CDT 2006

Two months ago I started working at Bridgewater Associates (a hedge
fund/investment manager) and I could not be happier with my decision to
work here.  The people here are among the smartest and most fun I've
ever been around.  


I tell everyone here that the debate community is full of people who are
passionate about researching and evaluating competing ideas, and I'd
like to recruit more debaters to come work at Bridgewater.  Debate is
the best training for this job.  At Bridgewater, employees (no matter
their experience or job title) are encouraged to argue and debate
because we believe it is the best way to promote excellence.
Bridgewater makes decisions based on quality of idea/argument, not
heirarchy.  The meritocratic culture is not a catchy slogan.  I see it
in practice (and am myself a part of it) every day.


Don't know anything about money or investing?  You don't need to have
taken even a single economics or finance course in college.  I sit near
a philosophy major (who incidentally wrote his thesis on Habermas), a
botany major, and a history major.  Bridgewater devotes tremendous
resources to training employees.  Strong analytical thinking skills are
valued much more than previous subject knowledge.


Read the flyer below and feel free to contact me
(Brian.Smith at bwater.com) with any questions.  I will also probably be at
the Harvard tournament in a few weeks if you want to talk in person. See
www.bwater.com <http://www.bwater.com/>  for resume/cover letter


Brian Smith

Investment Associate

Bridgewater Associates









Bridgewater is looking for people who can be the leaders of the company
- starting on their first day.


As one of the largest managers of hedge fund strategies in the world, we
are currently seeking exceptional candidates of all backgrounds-no prior
interest in finance required-who have the creativity, initiative, and
conceptual intelligence we need to beat global markets.  


Bridgewater isn't your typical investment firm: we trade on our logical
understanding of how the world works, and we offer the chance to work on
broad, interesting problems in a uniquely meritocratic culture.  The
most junior employees are encouraged, and expected, to challenge and
criticize the owners of the company.  Those who succeed reap immediate
and unlimited benefits.


There are many advantages to working at Bridgewater:


Depth of understanding: Logic is our edge.

What are the fundamental drivers of wages, prices, booms, and busts?
How is the balance of power between the emerging and developed world
shifting?  How can we know more about Ben Bernanke's next move than he
does?  We need to make sure that nobody is studying these things more
deeply and more effectively than we are-not professors, not traders, not
Nobel laureates-because anyone who does will put us out of business.


Meritocracy: Argue.  Criticize.  Confront.  Challenge.

If we let bureaucracy and hierarchy guide our decisions, we won't get
all the best ideas.  That's why we insist on a culture in which the best
ideas win, regardless of who is expressing them or how they are


Innovation: Figure out how things should be done, instead of worrying
about how they're done now. 

In 1990, the idea of an institutional hedge fund seemed crazy. Now hedge
funds are among the fastest growing areas for institutions to invest. We
are still helping pioneer new ideas that are revolutionizing the way the
world's most sophisticated investors think about managing money.


Our aim in recruiting is to find all the people who can push Bridgewater
to become better. We are not looking to fill a set number of positions,
and we want everyone to end up working where they will fit best.  We
seek diversified educational backgrounds for our team and therefore
encourage applicants from all academic disciplines to apply.  We favor
bright undergrads to learned PhDs, and prefer talent to work experience.


Please visit www.bwater.com for more information.



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