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Fri Oct 6 18:24:50 CDT 2006

UF will be hosting a Novice debate scrimmage with Florida State University  
on Friday and Saturday, December 1-2.  Right now it is just a scrimmage but  if 
there is any interest, we can turn this into a full blown novice  tournament. 
 THIS IS NOT replacing our spring tournament.  It is just  providing a novice 
only/novice focused debate opportunity.  If anyone out  there is interested, 
let me know ASAP so that I can secure rooms, find a hotel  and get things set 
up.  We would also allow Varsity debaters to judge so if  coaches are looking 
for a tournament for their novices and they don't feel like  all 
traveling/judging, this might be the place for you.  Let me know.
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