[eDebate] IMPORTANT revision for novice elims at Clay - CHECK JUDGES

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Sun Oct 8 22:33:01 CDT 2006

Due to the discovery that two teams not previously marked in my software
were actually eligible for novice breakout, we've decided to expand the
novice breakout to all teams with 3-5 records or better (11 teams). 
There will be a partial octa round at the same time as doubles (8:00
My apologies to all involved for this error.
Teams added to Novice breakout elims
Michigan State WE
Northwestern CF
Dartmouth BW
As a result of the new novice pairing there is a SLIGHT revision in the
judges required in the morning.  Please check this revised list and
communicate it to your friends.
Achten, Greg - UC-Berkeley
Arnett, Dave - UC-Berkeley
Atchison, Jarrod - Georgia
Barouch, Tim - Northwestern
Bauschard, Stefan - Harvard
Blank, Thad - Whitman
Branson, Josh - Northwestern
Burke, Ryan - Michigan State
Carson, Austin - Miami (OH)
Deatherage, Scott - Northwestern
Feldman, Jonah - Texas
Fitzmier, Dan - Augustana
Frappier, Glen - Gonzaga
Galloway, Ryan - Samford
Garen, Ace - UC-Berkeley
Ghavi, Cyrus - Emory
Gonzalez, Joshua - Michigan State
Hall, Brad - Wake Forest
Hall, Sherry - Harvard
Hamrick, Kevin - Northwestern
Hardy, Aaron - Whitman
Harrigan, Casey - Wake Forest
Harris, Scott - Kansas
Harrison, Lindsay - Harvard
Heidt, Dave - Emory
Hester, Michael - West Georgia
Hoe, Josh - Michigan
Holbrook, Sarah - West Georgia
Johnson, Paul - Wake Forest
Klinger, Mike - Harvard
Lacy, J.P. - Wake Forest
Lee, Ed - Emory
Mancuso, Steve - Miami (OH)
Massey, Jackie - Oklahoma
Matheson, Calum - North Texas
Maurer, Sam - Emporia
McBride, Brian - Southern Cal
McIntosh, Chris - Georgia
Morales, Tristan - Northwestern
Morris, Eric - Missouri State
Olney, Charles - Dartmouth
Phillips, Scott - Emory
Pointer, Steve - Gonzaga
Powers, Shawn - Southern Cal
Regnier, Jason - Iowa
Repko, Will - Michigan State
Richey, Kate - Samford
Russell, Jason - Oklahoma
Slusher, Eric - Dartmouth
Stables, Gordon - Southern Cal
Stahl, Greta - Michigan State
Stanley, Justin - UMKC
Stevenson, Ron - Wayne State
Strange, Ken - Dartmouth
Strauss, Dave - Michigan State
Topp, Sarah - Kansas
Turner, John - Dartmouth
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