[eDebate] Bush is a turd (NK)

J T jtedebate
Mon Oct 9 09:48:02 CDT 2006

Bush just gave his response to the NK nuclear test...."committed to diplomacy".  
  This came just after a week of U.S. blustering at the six party talks: 
  "President Bush had long warned that the U.S. will not "tolerate" a  nuclear-armed North Korea, and just last week his chief negotiator with  the hermit regime, Christopher Hill, warned that Pyongyang would have  to choose between having nuclear weapons and having a future. Monday  morning's announced test suggests that Kim Jong-il has decided to test  Washington's "or else.""
  So "soft power" is the word thus far...but I'm sure the hawks will join  in shortly with talk of air strikes...how about a joint u.s.-china  invasion?  20-30 Daisey Cutters?  Maybe not...but more  sanctions! hooray!


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