[eDebate] HELP- Debate across the curriculum and debate program EVALUATION

Nicole nicole.colston
Wed Oct 11 10:51:04 CDT 2006

Hello Everyone-

I am preparing a "Debate Across the Curriculum" presentation (and possible
paper) for Recreation and Leisure Professors, and would love to review any
Across the Curriculum work you may have done on the subject.  I have the
Snider/Schruner book, but any other quick cites or contact suggestions would
be greatly appreciated.

In addition, I am curious about developed or brainstormed tools for
evaluating debate programs (particularly policy and public debate).  I
remember discussing this at one of the recent NCA's, who was there?  I am
finding a great need to have our own developed evaluation methods as more
universities move in this direction.

Thanks for your help and support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicole Colston
AppState Debate

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