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The European Parliament is a significant sponsor of this event.

For a discussion about the precise powers of the European Parliament, go 
It seems clear that they would have to vote on any of these motions 
below. In any case, the debate can continue as the words ?European 
Parliament? serve the same function as ?This House? does in other motions.

1. European Parliament is as important as the national parliaments.
2. The voting age for the elections of European Parliament should be 16 
years old.
3. It is justified to have affirmative action for European Parliament 
elections to achieve higher representation of women among its members.
4. It is justified for Roma to have a special seat in the European 
5. It is justified for youth to have a special seat in the European 
6. In the European Parliament each European Union member country should 
have the same number of members.
7. In the European Parliament there should be representation only by 
European political parties.
8. European Parliament should operate only in the European Union working 
9. European Parliament is not needed.
10. European Parliament should be placed in Brussellex.
11. European Parliament should act to promote a mission to send humans 
to Mars.
12. European Union should adopt the immigration document system of the 
United States.
13. European Parliament should act to promote increased availability of 
genetically modified foods in its market.
14. European Parliament should become a real parliament.
15. European Parliament should act to promote reduction of agricultural 
16. European Union should adopt the federal presidential system of the 
United States.
17. European Parliament should act to promote the American system of 
higher education.
18. European Parliament should be willing to act to promote additional 
protection from terrorism at the expense of human rights.
19. European Parliament should condemn Iran?s nuclear program.
20. European Parliament should condemn continued United States military 
presence in Iraq.
21. European Parliament should condemn current detention of illegal 
22. European Parliament should condemn continued NATO military presence 
in Afghanistan.
23. European Parliament should act to promote legalized prostitution in 
the European Union.
24. European Parliament should act to promote the legalization of 
marijuana for personal use in the European Union.
25. European Parliament should act to condemn all smoking in public 
places in the European Union.
26. European Parliament should act to condemn the expansion of nuclear 
power to generate electricity.
27. European Parliament should act to promote the expansion of wind 
power to generate electricity.
28. European Parliament should act to promote a free university 
education to all ineligible students with a high school diploma
29. European Parliament should act to condemn the centralization of 
media outlets.
30. European Parliament should act to condemn spending public money for art.


For university students

17th ? 24th November 2006, Ormoz, Slovenia

ZIP ? Za in proti (ZIP), Pro et Contra, Institute for the Culture of 
WDI ? World Debate Institute, Vermont, USA

Shortly, what is it about?
It is about intensive debate training & debate tournament & a lot of 
fun. It is organized by ZIP ? Pro et Contra, Institute of Culture of 
Dialogue, Slovenia, and WDI ? World Debate Institute, Vermont, USA. Head 
of Trainers is Alfred C. Snider, worldwide known professor of debate 
from the World Debate Institute. Participants will be provided with a 
research package that will include basic information about the topics 
covered. The essence of the Academy will be interactive workshops, based 
on practice. At the end of the Academy, there will be a tournament in 
British Parliamentary Style.

IDAS 2003 & IDAS 2004 & IDAS 2005
We are organizing International Debate Academy Slovenia for the 4th 
time. The first one, IDAS 2003, was a modest start with 40 participants 
from Germany, Slovakia the USA and Slovenia. The IDAS 2004 was a huge 
success ? over 60 participants from 13 countries from all over Europe 
and America (Bulgaria, Croatia, England, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, 
Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Sweden, the USA, and 
Slovenia). We had trainers from the USA, England, Serbia and Slovenia. 
The ambassadors of the USA and EU, who joined the discussions on the 
transatlantic relations, also visited us. Not many events do have such 
high-ranking guests. IDAS 2005 was a further step towards international 
success ? about 60 participants form 19 countries and excellent debate 
trainers form Asia, Europe, and America.


For whom do we organize it?
We organize IDAS2005 for ALL university students from all over the world.
It is designed for students who want to develop their rhetorical and 
debate skills and deepen their knowledge on current socio-political 
issues. We will have various workshops in small groups ? for 
experienced, for less experienced debaters and also for debaters with no 
experience. At the end of the Academy everybody will debate and have the 
opportunity to learn from each other.

Basic activities
Activities during the Academy will be divided in three parts:

1. Interactive debate training during the first days of IDAS 2006. This 
is the main and the most important part. The Academy will consist of 
lectures, workshops and debates. We will provide further knowledge on 
debating and public speaking by working with famous debate trainers for 
students whose debating skills and experience vary and bring together 
international university students and experts to engage in discussions 
on the issue of importance, confronting their own views, opinions and 
ideas as well as those of others.
2. Debate tournament: we will have a real debate tournament at the end 
of the Academy. There will be a chance for participants with different 
levels of experience to debate with each other and by that learn from 
each other.
3. Evening activities: we will organize a kitch-party, a country 
exhibition (presentation of food & drinks, history, politics, etc. of 
every country participating ? the real international cultural exchange), 
fun games, dancing + lots of talking and getting to know each other 
(maybe even a chance for a romance?).

Participation fee & what does it cover?
The participation fee will be 190 Euro.
There might be a possibility for scholarships ? it depends on the 
funding we will get. No worries ? apply and we will inform you about 
these possibilities as soon as we get this information!
The sum of 190 Euro covers virtually everything ? training, tournament, 
accommodation and three meals per day. You only have to cover your 
travel expenses. There are great opportunities to come to Slovenia by 
low-cost airlines: easyJet to Ljubljana, Ryanair to Graz in Austria, 
many low-cost airlines to Zagreb etc. If you plan your trip in advance, 
you can get return tickets from London for as little as 50-100 Euro. 
Contact us on IDAS2006 at gmail.com and let us become your travel advisor!

The sooner you apply the higher your chances of being accepted will be. 
We will be able to accept only a limited number of participants!

Conditions for applying:
? Be a university student
? Fill in the online application form. The application form is available 
on http://www.ljudmila.org/debata/en
Criteria for acceptance of participants:
? 'First come first serve' rule will apply
? This criteria will be corrected by the criteria of quota per country ? 
we want to assure a true international environment

Primoz Karnar,

On behalf of the
Organizing Committee

Alfred C. Snider aka Tuna
Edwin Lawrence Professor of Forensics
University of Vermont
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