[eDebate] Rochester Thursday Night Announcements

Kate Baxter-Kauf katebaxterkauf
Thu Oct 12 19:50:26 CDT 2006

So we're getting ready to welcome everyone here at the University of
Rochester in lovely upstate New York, and I thought I would note a couple of
things before everyone gets ready to leave.

1.  We currently have 22 teams in Open, and 27 teams in Novice.  We'll clear
half, which assuming no drops, will be 11 teams in Open and 13 in Novice.
None of the Rochester teams will clear.

2.  Early Registration will be held from 8-10 PM in the lobby of the Super
8.  If you're not going to be there, or you don't want to come over, PLEASE
CALL ME when you leave to let me know about drops/adds.  My cell phone
number is 651 470 9109.  Jimbo and Marist are the gold standard for this
practice; everyone else should strive towards that level of awesomeness.

3.  Late Registration will be Saturday morning in Hoyt.  Breakfast should be
there around 7, and the debate will start PROMPTLY at 8 AM.

4.  We will provide directions from the hotel to the campus at registration,
along with some neat info and such.  If you need directions from elsewhere,
call me.  Or call Ken.

5. Let me know about JV breakouts.  I've heard from Army and Bard.  I have
not heard from anyone else.  I'll ask at registration as well.

6.  I will be releasing pairings Friday night as soon as I've heard from
everyone.  There might be a couple judge changes, but this should allow
everyone to prepare and be ready to start on time Saturday morning.

That is all for now.

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