[eDebate] Teams Clearing at KCKCC

Darren Elliott delliott
Sat Oct 14 20:27:00 CDT 2006

ALL JUDGES OBLIGATED THROUGH THE FIRST FULL ELIM DEBATE.  PARTIAL ROUND IN OPEN AT 8AM.  AWARDS TO FOLLOW AT 10AM IN LOWER JEWELL.  QUARTERS IN OPEN, SEMIS IN JV AND NOVICE TO FOLLOW THE AWARDS. Judges needed for the Partial Round in Octos at 8am:FlinnSelfGreen Alphabetical Order of Teams Clearing to the Partial Semis in Novice: UCO                Henry and Lu                           5 WinsVanderbilt        Dennison and Zaleznik         6 WinsVanderbilt        Ali and Swiger                        4  Wins Alphabetical Order of  Teams Clearing to the Partial Octos in Open: Kansas             Thomas and Shernuk                6 wins KU/KCK         Schaukowitch and Papon          4 winsOklahoma        Eicher and Yost                        5 winsOklahoma        Baker and Stone                       4 winsOklahoma        John-Toussaint and Koslow      4 winsUCO                Ferguson and Spomer               4 winsUMKC            French and Harrity                    4 winsVanderbilt        Earnest and Yzaguirre               3 winsWest Virginia    Godbey and Skinner                 3 wins (KCKCC         Montee and Rohan enough wins and pts to clear*will sit out)  Alphabetical Order of Teams Clearing to the JV Breakout: JCCC              Coyne and Peters                     2 winsK-State            Birdsong and Hodges               3 winsK-State            Calhoun and West                    2 winsUCO                Block and Folks                       3 wins Chief Darren ElliottDirector of Debate--KCKCCCEDA 2nd VP
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