[eDebate] Elim Rounds at KCKCC

Darren Elliott delliott
Sun Oct 15 12:14:11 CDT 2006

The following Elims are underway in Kansas City:
OPEN Quarters:
Kansas Thomas and Shernuk vs Vanderbilt Earnest and Yzaguirre
--Dietrich, Massey, Self
Oklahoma Baker and Stone hits Oklahoma John-Toussaint and Koslow
--Coaches Decision
Oklahoma Eicher and Yost vs. Kansas/KCKCC Schaukowitch and Papon
--Taylor, Mader, Cusick
UCO Ferguson and Spomer vs. UMKC French and Harrity
--Magariel, Green, Easley
JV Semis:
UCO Block and Folks vs K-State Calhoun and West
--Flinn, Rimmey, Stromski
K-State Birdsong and Hodges vs JCCC Coyne and Peters
--Davis, Kissinger, Kendall
Novice Semis: 
Vanderbilt Dennison and Zaleznik advance without debating
UCO Henry and Lu vs Vanderbilt Ali and Swiger
--Harris, S., Jordan, Russell
Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC

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