[eDebate] Speaker Awards at KCKCC

Darren Elliott delliott
Sun Oct 15 12:23:55 CDT 2006

The following speaker awards were won at the KCKCC Tournament this weekend:
1st--Chris Thomas (KU) winning a nice velvet painting in addition to the pumpkin and candy
2nd--Kyle Shernuk (KU)
3rd--Geoffrey Stone (OU)
4th--Troy Stone (TSUSM)
5th--Ryan Coyne (JCCC)
6th--Stacy Spomer (UCO)
7th--Nathan Eicher (OU)
(Andy Montee KCKCC 8th--but not receiving award)
8th--Tommy Ferguson (UCO)
9th--Kelly Thompson (ESU)
10th--Dominique Baker (OU)
1st--Bobby French (UMKC)
2nd--Michael Yost (OU)
3rd--Joey Harrity (UMKC)
4th--Mark Schaukowitch (KU)
(Chris Rohan KCKCC 5th--but not receiving award)
5th--Diante Calhoun (K-State)
6th--Scott Koslow (OU)
7th--Bridgette West (K-State)
8th--Jordan Folks (UCO)
9th--Laura John-Toussaint (OU)
10th--George Hodges (K-State)
1st--Shanila Ali (Vanderbilt)
2nd--Ben Dabari (OU)
3rd--Matt Swiger (Vandervbilt)
(Eric Butler KCKCC 4th--but not receeiving award)
4th--Koroosh Zahrai (OU)
5th--Daniel Zaleznik (Vanderbilt)
6th--Kristian Dennison (Vanderbilt)
7th--Tyler Henry (UCO)
8th--Crystal Taylor (JCCC)
(April Lemon KCKCC 9th--but not receiving award)
9th--Matthew Watts (Vanderbilt)
10th--Michael Skoumal
Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC

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