Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Sun Oct 15 19:57:54 CDT 2006


1. Huge thanks as always to scott luchetti in the tab room and rich
edwards for some clutch advice over the phone during the weekend.  Once
prefs were in, almost every debate had mutual A+ judging.

2. Congrats to clearing teams.  All judges are obligated in the morning.

3. Varsity outrounds will be in Jepson, JV and Novice will be in

4. A hard copy of this list will be at the hotel.  If someone receives
this before 9:30pm, we would appreciate you taping a copy by the front
desk in case we are straggling.

5. AWARDS in Brown-Alley (313 Weinstein) immediately following the first
out-round.  You are on your own for lunch, but the dining hall will be
open if you want to buy lunch there.

6. Pairings no later than 7:20AM on campus.  Round starts at 8:15AM on
the dot.

7. Case list updates forthcoming.


To: Kuswa, Kevin

Appalachian State LP (Joseph Louis & Brett Peterson)
Boston College CO (Kevin Coughlin & Sean O'hara)
Clarion University ST (Megan Shewell & Tom Toner)
George Mason Univers PP (Niccolo Paqueo & Paul Penchalapadu)
James Madison FW (Tori Federwisch & Thomas Webb)
James Madison MN (Megan Mcquighan & Sohrab Najafabadi)
John Carroll Univers BC (Brian Brossmann & Rachel Cope)
Kentucky / App St AM (Ben Allen & Byron Mitchell)
Liberty University BW (Patricia Boquist & Grace Woodson)
Liberty University DN (Brittany Dille & Amber Nicholson)
Liberty University DT (Jeremiah Diacogiannis & Joshua Turnage)
Liberty University FN (Eddie Fitzgerald & Katie Northey)
Liberty University HS (Ben Hagwood & Chandler Smith)
Mary Washington BG (Ben Bartel & Max Griffith)
Mary Washington CG (Cassandra Carlton & Amanda Gardner)
Pittsburgh BM (Sarah Banducci & Tom Marvit)
Towson MV (Andreea Militaru & Lia Voinova)
U.s. Naval Academy CS (Andrew Christian & Casey Sheldon)

Boston College BC (Allen Best & Mandy Castle)
Clarion University HN (Taylor Hahn & Rob Noerr)
Kentucky GG (Suneet Gautam & Bryan Gort)
Liberty University BM (Nate Baldis & Chase Mccool)
Liberty University CK (Amanda Costa & Glen Koch)
Mary Washington BR (Scott Berry & Nick Ryan)
Mary Washington KS (Kevin Kallmyer & Matt Struth)
Pittsburgh FM (Melina Forte & Michael Mangus)
Texas-dallas AD (Ahmad Abbas & Derek Denman)
Texas-dallas AS (Trevor Andreas & Nalisa Saati)
Texas-dallas RS (Brian Rubaie & Sara Stephens)
Towson CL (Deven Cooper & Dayvon Love)
Vanderbilt RS (Phil Rappmund & Houston Shaner)
West Georgia CD (Eric Cole & Jason Derby)
West Georgia MS (Jadon Marianetti & Zak Schaller)
West Georgia PS (Mark Presenti & Jim Schultz)

Boston College MM (Matthew Maerowitz & Ryan Malone)
Clarion University AD (Ryan Adamiak & David Durney)
John Carroll Univers LS (Andy Labuza & Chris Schroeder)
John Carroll Univers MS (Sean Mcclure & Brian Smith)
Liberty University BZ (Amy Boyd & Lauren Zawistowski)
Liberty University DG (Stephanie Dillard & Ross Garrett)
Liberty University HR (Rachel Hassenpflug & Janna Reynolds)
Liberty University OW (Michelle Oh & Daniel White)
Pittsburgh LS (Stephanie Luczajko & Jennifer Sweeney)
U.s. Naval Academy AP (Andrew Alvarez & Josh Palacios)
U.s. Naval Academy SW (Eric Stromme & Brett Wessley)

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