[eDebate] Ted Belch hosts high school tournament in Las Vegas this January

lexy green lexdevil
Mon Oct 16 10:19:29 CDT 2006

Here's the preliminary information, posted ot Ted's behest:
As most of you know, I hosted The Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament for 25 years. I retired in 2004 and moved to Las Vegas. One of the questions I was asked most in my last year of coaching was whether I?d consider hosting a tournament in my adopted community. I promised I would; it?s taken me two years to get organized and prepared to do so, but I?m ready to once again offer the best all-events tournament I possibly can. I hope you will join me in the "golden desert" January 19-21, 2007 for the first annual Golden Desert Invitational, presented by Ted W. Belch.
We will offer varsity and novice debate divisions in policy, public forum, and LD. We will also host competitors in original oratory, dramatic interp, humorous interp, duo, extemp(we?ll divide if there enough interest), and student congress.
The tournament will be hosted at Foothill and Basic High Schools, two of the venues for the 2008 NFL Nationals. Both schools are in Henderson, a southern suburb of Las Vegas.
The full tournament invitation will be posted on Joy of Tournaments by October 30, but I wanted to give the community the heads up so you can, hopefully, add us to your calendar this year. If you think you might be interested in attending, email me before October 20 at tbelch at cox.net with the events you?d like to enter and the approximate number of competitors you?d bring.
Thanks and hope to see you in sunny Nevada in January.
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