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Tue Oct 17 12:44:07 CDT 2006

 Hi all!
Looking forward to this weekend...the weather is looking to be nice - mid-to-high 70s during the day and hopefully clear so everyone can enjoy the ocean views.  A few notes for all:
PREFS:  Please finalize any judge or team changes by Wednesday at noon. I will open prefs up on Wednesday evening and we will leave them open until Friday morning at 10 a.m. to accommodate those traveling.  A REQUEST:  If ANYONE can possibly judge a round or two extra (for pay of course), please note that in debateresults.com.  We may not need you, but it will improve our judging to have the most availability possible.  I will ask again at registration!
REGISTRATION:  Registration will be at the hotel on Thursday from 7-10 p.m.  I'll have drinks and snacks, so please feel free to come and hang out.  The room will require key card access, but I will leave instructions at the front desk to hand out a key card for each school.  So, when you check in, ask for one!  Late registration will be on campus on Friday starting at 3 p.m.  Please go to the Appleby Center for registration.  
PARKING:  I will do my best to arrange access to the parking lots for you to drop off your students and tubs.  VARSITY TUBS SHOULD BE DROPPED OFF ON LOWER CAMPUS - ALL VARSITY ROUNDS WILL BE THERE.  JV/NOVICE TUBS SHOULD BE DROPPED OFF AT THE CCB (NEXT BUILDING UP THE HILL ON THE RIGHT) - ALL JV/NOVICE ROUNDS WILL BE THERE.  Once you drop off tubs (we will have a room for you to put them in during registration), you can bring students to lower campus where we'll have water, snacks, etc.  This is true of both Friday and Saturday.  We will provide rides for judges between buildings, but are doing our best to eliminate the movement tubs.  There is parking in the CCB lot and I will try to make that available, but you can buzz public safety at the gate and let them know you need to drop of students and debate evidence at the very least.
ADDITIONAL INFO:  The Law School will have admissions counselors and an information table set up on Saturday!  In addition, we will have a keynote address from one of our law school professors during awards on Sunday!  I'm not sure if it will deal with the topic specifically, but he does have a history with consitutional law.  We will also be unveiling a newly designed t-shirt for this year's tournament!  Exciting stuff abounds!
If you have any problems, questions, challenges, just email me or give me a call at my office phone - 310-506-4524.  
See you all soon!

Sue Peterson

Director of Forensics

Pepperdine University

"Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." 

--John F. Kennedy
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