[eDebate] Cap Cities UPDATE 2

Dutcher, Michael DUTCHERM
Tue Oct 17 18:06:52 CDT 2006

Greetings All,


The CUA Debate Team is excited that so many teams have decided to come
and visit us this year. We are looking forward to sharing our
hospitality with you.


As we get closer to this weekend, I wanted to post a little update about
the tournament. Please take a moment to read this update. It contains
some important information.


1.	A Positive Note: The size of the tournament is shaping up
nicely. We are at 72 teams. I have 40 Rooms which means that we could
handle 8 more teams. If you have not registered, do it now. I know there
will be drops so I am not worried about a waiting list but I do have to
finalize that whole food thing too. Registration will be closed at 5:00
PM Tomorrow.


2.	Tubs in the Pryzbala Center: Please do not unload your tubs and
bring them to the Pryzbala Center on Friday. Last year, it created an
enormous log jam and made the Administration here very unhappy. I had to
fight to get this tournament again this year and this was one of the
major hot button issues. There are no rounds in the Pryz. Don't bring
your tubs there.


3.	Rooms inside the Pryz. Feel free to use the study bubbles inside
the Pryz but do not and I repeat, do not find an empty room and then
proceed to occupy it. The Study Bubbles are easy to identify: they are
in the center of the building on the first three floors and are glass
enclosed. I have to say this one more time: DO NOT GO INTO ANY OF THE
caps but I cannot stress that enough. You can also sit in the cafeteria.


4.	Awards will be on Sunday morning. There are two reasons for
this: First, people want to get out earlier and enjoy DC. Second, my
trophy people backed out this morning. I found a new provider but they
trophies won't be ready until Saturday evening. The awards ceremony will
be after the first out round on Sunday Morning.


5.	I need everyone participant at the tournament to make sure that
rooms stay clean. We are under a microscope (No, the program isn't at
risk but the tournament is). If one room is messy come Monday morning,
this year will have been the last Cap Cities tournament at Catholic.


If anyone has any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to
contact me. Right now I don't have email access during the day. You can
contact me via cell phone at the number below or you could wait
patiently for a response from me in the evening or you can contact
nathan_debate at yahoo.com.


See you this weekend.




Michael Dutcher

Acting Director of Debate

The Catholic University of America

(o) 202 319 6265

(c) 202 725 8189

(f) 202 319 4983


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