[eDebate] Emporia Tourny Update

Samuel Maurer chairman.maurer
Tue Oct 17 22:42:45 CDT 2006

1.  We'll break half of the pool in JV, which means partials if necessary.

2.  JV and novice won't collapse -- we've got at least six which means
five rounds and a workshop/question and answer session during round

3.  we're in the finding more novice teams so we can (hopefully) have
6 rounds and at least finals if not partial semis in novice.

4.  more judges will be added to the pool tomorrow morning as I find
out who I can convince to come down for the weekend.  pref sheets will
be available tomorrow afternoon.

5.  As JT said before, food will be much yummier than cafeteria food.

6.  I'm new at this, so bare with me.  : )

Sam Maurer
Rookie Director of Debate
Emporia State University

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