[eDebate] Cap Cities Prefs are active

Hall, Michael P. mphall
Thu Oct 19 11:26:52 CDT 2006

You can now enter prefs through debateresults.com.  You need 19 judges
in category 1 and 15 judges in category 2.  You can select no more than
3 judges as "not preferred."  The remainder of your judges, including
constrained judges, count as category 3.  Prefs must be completed by
9:00am tomorrow (Friday) morning to go into effect round 1.
The JV and Novice divisions will have strike sheets available at
registration.  Strikes will go into effect round 3.
If you have changes to your entry or judges, please email both Mike
Dutcher and me.

Michael P. Hall

Assistant Director of Debate

Liberty University

Lynchburg, VA 24502


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