[eDebate] Ross Smith is not only a good candidate for school borad but a damn good tureky farmer as well....

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Oct 19 16:17:07 CDT 2006


Hillside Turkey Farms
Hillside Turkey Farms is a family owned third generation farm specializing
in the family needs of today. Our main focus is further processing of
poultry to make meals easier for the working family. At the same time we
also carry many fresh items for those who choose to prepare their own meals
at home. Hillside Turkey Farms is a USDA inspected plant serving the public
in our retail store and in many restaurants in Frederick County.

Product offerings include: turkeys, ground turkey, soups, smoked turkey
items, turkey sausage and other turkey and poultry products

Contacts: Ross Smith, Jr, Bryan Scott Smith
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