James C Thomas jct44
Fri Oct 20 22:03:42 CDT 2006

With all of the political banter that finds its way into this forum, I
thought I would add a plug for a former policy debater, Barbara Radnofsky,
who is running for the US Senate from Texas.  Barbara debated for the
University of Houston in the mid-70?s.  She was a multiple qualifier for
the NDT during her career, and after graduating from UH, she attended the
University of Texas Law School.  Operating at a huge fundraising and
media-attention disadvantage, Barbara has managed to work her way into the
margin of error in various polls, and last night on CSPAN, made
mincemeat of the incumbent  senior Senator from Texas in a televised
debate, the only one in which the incumbent agreed to participate.
Barbara?s website is www.radnofsky.com, and I would encourage all of you,
especially those of you who live in Texas, to see where Barbara stands on
the issues.  Having known her for over 30 years, and having taught with
her at what passes for Institutes back then, I can vouch for her
integrity, passion, brilliance and leadership abilities.  If there are
repeats, you might enjoy watching the debate on CSPAN, and can see how
policy debate can actually prepare you to lead, and at least attempt to
change the world in which we live.

Thanks, and best of luck at Harvard.


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