[eDebate] Frederick Douglass Debates updates.

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Oct 22 22:24:40 CDT 2006

Hello things are shaping up nicely for the second Baltimore College Debate
Tournaments of the year.a Few Notes.

1) Entries are looking good, several people have told me they are coming and
have yet to enter, we would really appreciate those entries coming in this
week so we can round up judges and plan for food rooms etc.
2)Local entries and new programs seem to be increasing. This time we expect
dennison, morgan,coppin, frostburg and johns hopkins to make their college
debate debut, and we are working on getting some others.
3) If our varsity division makes we will count as qualifier for wake!!! I
emailed ross and he confirmed this. Right now there are very few varsity
teams entered but many of those we are expecting to attend are varsity teams
and we hope that at least a few folks who might be looking for that varsity
break to attend and encourage their friends to do so as well.
4)We will be providing some food, a local pizzeria will provide at least one
days lunch, and we will again have some snacks.
5) We have hotel options now and you can get the details if you contact
eskinner at towson.edu
6) we look forward to seeing you all in baltimore in two weeks and are
excited to see so much debate going on in the mid atlantic on the same
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