[eDebate] Go ahead, read me: Appstate Plea and Reminder

Nicole nicole.colston
Mon Oct 23 11:56:49 CDT 2006

Hi Everyone-  We are very excited to be preparing to host your teams at our
67th Annual Mountain Debates Tournament at Appalachian State University,
Nov. 11-13th.  We are Very Proud to be committed to the policy debate
community and hope that you will support our endeavors to hold a viable

*We are thankful to be hosting, thus far*:
Florida State, Georgia, James Madison, and West Virginia

*We eagerly expect the following schools to also attend*:
University of Miami, Vanderbilt, Richmond, and Kansas State

*We would love to see the following smiling faces from last year*:
Georgia State, Louisville, Navy, George Mason, Piedmont, and Capital!!!

*For all you newcomers and fence-sitters, some things to consider*:
1) Our tournament is conveniently located during the Wake Forest weekend
(only 1.5 hours away), so that your younger teams may travel and compete
before watching outrounds on Sunday/Monday at Wake.  Kris Willis and I are
willing to help you with transportation to/from Winston-Salem, but please
contact us ASAP.
2) Appstate is in Boone, NC, a cute mountain town with great food and
scenery.  The tournament set-up is conveniently located to our quaint
downtown and all rounds will be in the same building, for coaching bliss!
3) We hike at noon on Friday!  Nothing beats a "farther than the eye can
see" view of the Pisgah Mountains before a long weekend of debating.  Come
hang-out with other schools and cleanse your soul.
4) Get those novi, jv-ers, and 3rd string open debaters some competition
before the x-mas break!  We would love to have some fierce, yet
friendly, regional and non-regional competition.

As we are offering increased hospitality (Fri. hike, Sat. lunch, and drink
refresments throughout), I would be wonderful if you could register on
debateresults.com or drop me a line to tell me approximately how many teams
to expect.  I have attached a copy of our invite, FYI.

Thanks, Nicole Colston
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