[eDebate] Vandy and ESU Thanks

Darren Elliott delliott
Tue Oct 24 13:50:55 CDT 2006

Ok so the first time I did the whirlwind tour (Vandy Fri-Sun and Emporia in time for elims on Monday) but I have to say it was worth the while.
First to the Vandy folks--you all are as always amazing people, excellent hosts, and great friends.  Your tournament runs very well (good job Cisneros), your faces are always welcoming and friendly, and Nashville is absolutely amazing!  The region is also amazing.  Great competition from programs we rarely see.  The judging is also amazing in this area of the world.  I love coming here and will be back!
Second to the ESU folks--After my 12 hour drive straight through from Nashville to Emporia I was feeling a bit tired but it was all made better by the smiling faces of the Region.  It's the perfect example of having a great trip and then being just as excited to be coming home.  Thanks to Sam, JT, Rimmey, and all the ESU folks for their fine hospitality.  Thanks to Jarman for running another great tab room and again to a Region full of great competition and judging!  My folks were treated very well and I felt comfortable in sending them to my alma mater without me, and knowing how they'd be taken care of.  One final note--the trophies are simply amazing JT!!  The championship trophy is receiving rave reviews on our campus as well as plenty of jokes how it is almost taller than I am.  : )
Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC

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