[eDebate] Vanderbilt Tournament results

Josue Cisneros cisneros_jd
Wed Oct 25 15:46:30 CDT 2006

here are the results for the vanderbilt tournament
that occured this past weekend (10/20-10/22).  thanks
to ml sandoz and the whole vanderbilt crew for a great
tournament and congrats to emory and gsu.

Emory BC advanced without debating
GSU LP advanced without debating
KCKCC MM advanced without debating
Emory MV advanced without debating
Emory ST def. UGA CL 2-1
Miami (ohio) NW def. Miami (florida) 3-0
Samford MW def. UGA CM 2-1
UGA HS def. Samford GR 2-1

Emory BC over Emory ST
Miami NW def. Emory MV 3-0
GSU LP def. Samford MW 2-1
UGA HS def. KCKCC MM 3-0

Emory BC over Miami NW 3-0
GSU LP def. UGA HS 2-1

GSU LP def. Emory BC 2-1

7. Adam Schmidt UGA
6. Chris Barnett Emory
5. Jermeen Sherman Emory
4. Rob Mills Emory
3. Joel Lemeul GSU
2. Roi Ceren UGA
1. Sam Caproal Emory

Emory AL def. KCKCC BB 2-1
Florida State RS def. Florida UW 3-0
Emory KV def. Florida KV 3-0
Samford BP def. Piedmont MeSt 3-0

FSU RS def. Emory AL 2-1
Emory KV def. Samford BP 3-0

Emory KV def. FSU RS 2-1

7. Melissa Softness UF
6. Zachary Ullman UF
5. Suzanne Goddard Samford
4. Brandon Graham Samford
3. May Kaw Emory
2. Carly Rhodes Miami (florida)
1. Tiffany Beacham KCKCC

david cisneros
graduate assistant/ph.d. student
university of georgia


Nowadays most people die of a sort of creeping common sense, and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets are one's mistakes. 

             -- Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

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