[eDebate] WEST POINT Final Update

Scrocca, J. MAJ SOCSCI Joseph.Scrocca
Thu Oct 26 08:54:24 CDT 2006



Bruschke registration will be shut down at 1200 noon today.  For any
changes after that time please e-mail them to joseph.scrocca at usma.edu .


Please e-mail for a vehicle pass to help facilitate entry onto post if I
have not sent you one already.  Post this in each of your vehicles.  You
will still require ID, and the guards will still probably do a brief
search of the vehicle, but they shouldn't look in tubs, hopefully.  At
least they didn't last year.  


If you have any questions or problems please feel free to call me at
845-661-4477.  If after 1:00 on Friday call me in the Tab Room at
845-93-7503.  Cell phones do not work in the academic building - so this
number can be given to folks in case of emergency.


The Hudson River Boat ride is still planned free of charge for Sunday
after the brunch.  The weather forecast shows warm (60 degrees) but 100%
chance of rain on Saturday, clear and mid 50s on Sunday.  


Hope y'all have a safe trip.  See you on Friday.  




Joe Scrocca

Joe Scrocca

Major, US Cavalry

United States Military Academy

Department of Social Sciences

West Point, NY 10996

Office: 845-938-3383

Cell: 845-661-4477

Fax: 845-938-4563


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